Caravan Xchange | 20 Minute Caravan Maintenance Check
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20 Minute Caravan Maintenance Check

This 20 Minute Caravan Maintenance Check is a quick yet comprehensive checklist for your vehicle that should be completed in preparation for each trip. These simple checks will ensure your safety and confidence on the road.

Check Couplings

Overide Couplings: make sure it is effectively lubricated and that head and shaft rotates freely. Adjusting screw and nut should not be frozen in head and should be adjusted to stop ball from rattling. Backing stop should move freely.

Hydraulic Couplings: ensure free movement of all parts. Master cylinder cap should be in good condition to prevent moisture entering reservoir.

Fixed Couplings: check the operation of spindle and screw nut.

Check Handbrake

Check for rust or corrosion where base plate fixes to A frame. Hand brake lever should move freely. Check condition of brake cable and pulleys.

Check Safety Chain

Should have no visible signs of rust or cracks at fixing point and should be long enough to reach towbar chain hook and allow for cornering.

Check Jockey Wheel

· Handle and wheel should turn freely.

· Wheel should spin on axle freely.

· Check clamp and clamp bolt for easy operation.

· Check for signs of movement around spring hangers, shackle plates and bushes, U-bolts and fish plates.

· Check corner stabilisers for ease of movement and ensure handle is in good condition.

· Check step for cracks, rust and ease of operation.

Check Wheels, Rims & Tyres

Check for buckles, cracks or other damage after each trip. Check tyres for signs of excessive wear from under/over inflation or wheel alignment problems.

Check Water Tank

Check hoses for leaks, kinks, signs of wear. Check hoses for any mildew growth in hose (black hoses should be used). Check clamps for tension and tank straps for signs of cracking or rust.

Corner Moulds

Sealing and around corner moulds – windows, doors etc. should be checked for cracks or holes which may allow water to enter and rot framing or lining sheets.

Exterior Lighting

Important for safety aspect that all 12V brake indicator, tail and running lights should be operative and lenses not faded.

Gas Fittings

Check gas connections by turning bottle on and spraying fittings with detergent and look for bubbles. Check flexible hose for fraying or kinks.

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