Caravan Xchange | Mason Manufacturing Co. Pty. Ltd. Trading As Caravan Xchange
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Mason Manufacturing Co. Pty. Ltd. Trading As Caravan Xchange

  • We are a family owned and operated business: Mason Manufacturing Company was founded in 1957 in Ipswich as a necktie manufacturing operation. We bought land at Shore and Gordon Streets, Cleveland in 1965 and our necktie business was moved from Ipswich to Shore Street, Cleveland during 1969.


  • In 1975 we abandoned necktie manufacturing and started Betta Hire, a machinery and equipment hiring company. However, times changed again and we had to respond, so from 2000 to the present day we have been renting space to tenants – used car sales, crane hire, car servicing and repairs and caravan, trailer and boat parts and repairs. We operate caravan Xchange and lease the other sections to independent owners.


  • Our commission is very reasonable at 7.5%, which is much less than the 10% or more that other caravan sales companies charge.


  • We use our trust account for sales transactions. As we own our real estate – no mortgages or borrowing – so, financially, we can be trusted.


  • Our prominent Shore Street site is ideal for caravan sales: it has great visibility plus several thousands of people drive past us every day. Products and services on our property include caravanning, camping and fishing supplies, caravan and trailer parts and repairs, car sales, car servicing and landscape supplies. Shore Street is home to many businesses that are related to outdoor activities.


  • We have had 5 years’ experience selling caravans. The condition of the caravans is always checked first by the owner, then by us. If necessary caravan repair specialists are available on site or mobile.


  • Buyers don’t like travelling all over to look at one van – it’s like a dog chasing its tail. It is more convenient to visit a sales specialist and compare a broad range of brands and styles.


  • We take the hassle out of selling your van – it’s easy.


  • We have now been established for over sixty years – you can trust us to sell your van.

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